Best Collaboration Tools Your Small Business Needs

Collaboration conveys various meanings depending on the situation. When it comes to small businesses, collaboration can include sharing documents, maintaining communication, arranging meetings, taking instant decisions together etc. For all these tasks, you need specialized tools. Here, I will briefly talk about the best collaboration tools for small businesses.



Slack is currently the most popular communication tool among the leading businesses. The smart and trendy interface of this handy tool enables you to maintain a steady communication with your team members. You can create dedicated channels for individual projects and teams. You can invite the employees to join in the channels. As the tool comes with perfect integration with file sharing apps Dropbox, you can easily share files too. And the conversations could be searched for finding out relevant discussions.



Trello is a dedicated project management service with a simple user interface. The tool allows you to create projects and to-do lists within them. The tasks are divided into several columns. You can customize the columns according to the status of the project.The tasks could be moved from one column to another by dragging and dropping into the appropriate locations. It is possible to assign deadline to the tasks and add labels for easy references. The straightforward features of Trellomake it very easy to get started and track the progress of your projects.



If you want a more powerful solution than Trello, Asana could be the best choice for you. This fully featured project management tool allows you to create dedicated projects and create tasks inside the projects.You can provide detailed description and assign team members to the tasks. And the option to set deadline will ensure that the tasks are being done within the required time. You are also allowed to share files between the team members.



Sharing files and various documents between the team members is an important part of the collaboration process. And when it comes to file sharing, Dropbox is definitely the pioneer among all the solutions. The simple setup and widespread integration has made the service a popular choice among the businesses. Besides the desktop apps, there are also dedicated apps for various mobile platforms. Dropbox allows you to create folders and share them with the relevant team members. As the files are saved both in the cloud and in local storage, you can work on them from any place you want.


Google Drive

Google Drive is another popular file sharing solution which is perfectly suitable for small businesses. As you expect, this file sharing solution works seamlessly with other services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets etc.The drive interface allows you to create new folder, doc, sheet, or slide instantly. Along with sharing the files and folders with other people, you can send messages to the people who are working on the same file. There are dedicated smartphone apps for using the service on mobile devices.

Online Collaboration Tools

In Conclusion

The success of any business largely depends on how well the company maintains its collaboration processes. The simpler the processes are, the more successful the company will become. I hope the tools mentioned above will help you achieve the desired level of success.